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For the months of March until October, room service is provided daily and is included in the prices. Our room service includes daily cleaning and change of fresh towels daily. We also provide and change fresh bedsheets two times per week.

For the months of November until February, no room service is provided. These months are prefered by guests who book long-stays of 3 weeks and longer. Once a week fresh towels and bedsheets can be obtained by guests themselves (free of charge) from our housekeeping.


White towels and blue towels are provided during a guest's stay. White towels are for indoor use and can be used in the room only. We change white towels on daily basis (March to October stays).

We also provide blue towels for outdoor use and can be used at swimming pool or beach (March to October stays). We do not change blue towels daily (only once per week), the guests are kindly advised to hang and dry them on their balconies.